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CB Terms for Truckers

     alligator n. - a tread or recap from a blown tire. Creates a road hazard. Rel. alligator bait: bits and pieces of a blown tire.
     at your back door adj. - behind a truck. "You got a bear at your back door." Ant. front door: front of a truck.
     back row n. - the area at some truck stops where hookers hang out.
     Bambi n. - a deer, whether dead or alive. Rel. swamp donkey: a moose.
     bear/Smokey n. - a county or state cop. Rel. she bear: a female cop.
     bedbuggers n. - moving companies.
     bear in the air n. - a police airplane that monitors highway speeds below.
     big/tall rubber n. - 24-inch tires. Rel. small rubber: 22-inch tires.
     bingo cards n. - paper cards that hold trucking permits from various states.
     Bluebird n. - A Martin Truck company's truck. Named because of bird painted on the side of the trailers.
     bobtail adj. - running without a trailer.
     boogie n. - top gear. "I've got 'er up into boogie now."
     brake check n. - a sudden slowdown in traffic, where you have to hit the brakes.
     Bulldog n. - a Mack truck.
     bumper sticker n. - an automobile following you too closely. Syn. - hitchhiker.
     bundled out adj. - loaded very full.
     Cabbage n. - a long steep incline in eastern Oregon. "I smoked the brakes comin' off of Cabbage."
     cash register n. - a toll booth. "You're coming up on a cash register at yardstick 135."
     chicken lights n. - extra lights on the truck and trailer.
     city kitty n. - a female city police officer.
     comedian n. - the median strip.
     comic/funny book n. - a Department of Transportation logbook, required by law.
     coop/chicken coop n. - a weigh station.
     Corn Flake n. - a Consolidated Freightways truck.
     county mountie n. - a sheriff. Syn. - local yokel.
     covered wagon n. - a gravel trailer topped with a tarp.
     crotch rocket n. - a motorcycle. Syn. - murdercycle.
     destruction n. - road construction.
     double nickel n. - 55 miles per hour, the speed limit.
      down stroke n. - a hill going down. Ant. - up stroke: a hill going up.
     dragon wagon n. - Tow Truck.
     dragon fly n. - a truck with no power, i.e. drag up hill, fly down hill.
     dry box n. - a freight trailer. Syn. - van.
     18-wheeler n. - any articulated truck (even though many have fewer or more than 18 wheels).
     4-wheeler n. - a passenger car.
     Evil Kenivel n. - a motorcycle cop.
     FreightShaker n. - a Freightliner truck.
    garbage n. - produce, i.e. hauling garbage.
     gearjammer/gearslammer n. - a speeding truck driver, one known to accelerate/decelerate quickly.
     General Mess of Crap n. - GMC trucks by Volvo/White.
     Georgia Overdrive n. - neutral gear.
     good buddy n. - a homosexual.
     go to the Harley v. - to put your CB on channel 1. Rel. - go to double Harley: to turn the CB to channel 11.
     got your ears on expression - used when looking for someone on the CB. "Hey HT, you got your ears on?"
     gouge on it v. - go fast, step on it.
     granny lane n. - the right, slow lane on an interstate highway or freeway.
     greasy side up adj. - when a car or truck has flipped over. "There's a 4-wheeler with the greasy side up."
     green stamps n. - money, usually tolls.
     ground pressure n. - weight. "The coop is just checking ground pressure; no sweat."

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    gumball machine n. - lights on top of a police cruiser. "He's got his gumball machine going." Rel. - hit the jackpot: when police lights are flashing. "Looks like someone hit the jackpot."
     hammer down v. - go fast, step on it.
     hammer lane n. - the fast, passing lane on an interstate highway or freeway. Syn. - bumper lane.
     haulin' dispatcher brains v. - pulling an empty trailer, deadheading. Syn. - haulin' sailboat fuel.
     have shutter trouble v. - to fall asleep. "He ran off the road. Must of had shutter trouble."
     Ho Chi Minh Trail n. - California Highway 152, which has heavy traffic and is a "minefield" of accidents.
     hood n. - any conventional tractor, as opposed to a cab-over. Syn. - long-nose. hook n. - a tow truck.
     $100 lane n. - the left lane of a highway or freeway that has more than two lanes in each direction.
     in the big hole adj. - in top gear.
     Kenworthless n. - a Kenworth truck. Syn. - K-Whopper.
     Kojak with a Kodak n. - a police officer with a radar gun. "There's a Kojak with a Kodak behind the overpass."
     large car n. - a big, fancy truck.
     Left Coast n. - the West Coast.
     lot lizard n. - a truck-stop hooker. "Wow, get a load of the lot lizards in the back row! Of course, they'll all scramble for cover when the sun comes up."
     meat wagon n. - ambulance.
     mission n. - a rush load. "I'm on a mission today."
     motion lotion n. - fuel.
     navajoe n. - a Navajo Company Truck
     parking lot n. - a truck carrying automobiles. Also, a traffic back-up.
     pickle park n. - a rest area or roadside park, often a hangout for hookers.
     plain white wrapper n. - an unmarked police car.
     power up v. - go fast, step on it.
     pumpkin n. - Schneider company trucks. So named because of their bright orange color.
     reefer n. - a refrigerated cargo trailer. "The sign at the front desk at Motel 6 says, 'No running reefers after 9 p.m.'"
     road pizza n. - a badly mangled road kill.
     rollerskate n. - any small car. Originally referred to a Volkswagen.
     salt shaker n. - a snow plow.
     sand box n. - a gravel trailer. Syn. - coal bucket.
     Schneider eggs n. - orange drums used by road work crews to block off a lane. They're the same color as Schneider company trucks.
     scoot n. - a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
     Sesame Street n. - CB channel 19. Named so because of child-like behavior that sometimes occurs. Especially around urban areas.
     Shakey Side n. - the West Coast of the US.
     shoot you in the back v. when a hidden highway cop uses a radar gun after you pass. "You got a bear settin' under the bridge who's gonna shoot you in the back when you go by."
     skate board n. - a flatbed trailer.
     skins n. - tires. Syn. - rubbers.
     Slow Wheels In Fast Traffic n. - another name for SWIFT company's trucks.
     smokin' scooter n. - a motorcycle cop. Syn. - Evel Knievel.
     stagecoach n. - a tour bus.
     Sure Wish I'd'a Faster Truck n. - the SWIFT company's trucks.
     swinging adj. - carrying a load of carcass beef.
     taking pictures v. when a cop is using radar equipment. "There's a smokin' scooter taking pictures at yardstick
     thermos bottle n. - a tanker trailer. Syn. - pipeline, portable gas station.
     too many eggs in the basket adj. - overweight.
     toothpicks n. - lumber. "I got a load of toothpicks."
     travel agent n. - dispatcher.
     triple digit ride n. - a truck that can exceed 100 miles per hour.
     VW n. - a Volvo/White tractor.
     Wally World n. - a Wal-Mart truck, store or dist. center.
     West Coast turnarounds n. - benzedrine pills, speed. So called because a driver could theoretically take some and drive from the East Coast to the West Coast, turn around, and drive back east without stopping to sleep.
     wiggle wagons n. - double or triple trailers. Syn. - pups, rolling trouble, snakes, wasp-waists.
     yardstick n. - a mile marker alongside a highway.

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