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Change jobs? Why? Think about this.  The firms we are recruiting drivers for gets the majority of all the freight moved by trucks!  That is strength.  Is your current employer that strong?  Obviously, we have the miles and pay. Our Average Dispatch is 582 Miles and the average Driver is getting an average of 2,600 miles per week. The equipment is nearly new.  The average rig on the road is only 1.5 years old.  Fewer breakdowns, means you keep the left door closed and make MORE money.  Also, when it comes to employee benefits, we offer one of t he most generous in the trucking industry.  This online application is your gateway to better pay, benefits and possibly even a better lifestyle!

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Call 888-336-4228 to apply

Because we recruit for many companies, we can best match up your needs and abilities with the RIGHT trucking concern.  Once again, we do NOT recruit for JB Hunt.  We need truck drivers, mechanics and sales reps immediately!


We Hire Drivers - great truck driving jobs abound!

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We Hire Drivers - great truck driving jobs abound!